Santa Rosa Beach & Golf Club

Santa Rosa Beach & Golf Club is an Exclusive Private Member Only Club located in the heart of 30a. After extensive course renovations the Inaugural Ladies Member Guest was held with the “Swing with Bling” Theme. The Ladies received multiple gifts throughout this outstanding event that supported the “Bling” Theme including a Bling Mug, a Crystal Engraved Water Carafe as well as many other gifts daily.

Member comments included: “If you did not play in the Member/Guest, you really missed an exciting and wonderful weekend of golf, fun, food, fellowship and just an all around great time – a simply marvelous and well executed event.”

Neptune Technology Group

In June of each year, Neptune participates in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) where they exhibit at the trade show and sponsor several events throughout the week. For several years, Neptune has sponsored an event called the Breakfast for Champions which is an appreciation breakfast for the participants of the Meter Madness contests. Traditionally, Neptune provided a coffee cup or mug as a giveaway to the attendees. This time, Neptune wanted to do something different and unique while staying within the same budget as previous years.

Using the idea of Wheaties (“Breakfast of Champions”), a cereal box was designed to promote the event and advertise for Neptune. The product ended up being under their budget, so they were able to purchase customized cereal/soup mugs, as well as a tote bag.

All the gifts were well received. The participants liked that Neptune’s gifts were unique yet useful. Several representatives from other companies even commented to Neptune on the giveaways. In Neptune’s industry, it is important to keep your image fresh and unique.

Manufacture Alabama

As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, Manufacture Alabama was tasked with transforming their Annual Meeting to a virtual setting. As a staff, they wanted to give those who attended something special.

They worked with our Sales Representative Nickole on choosing specific items that they would give at a typical conference. A branded notebook, pen, coffee mug, hand sanitizer, and a face mask. We sent out more than 400 boxes to meeting attendees, members of the association, and members of the Alabama legislature. It was a small gesture that went a long way.

Due to these kits, Manufacture Alabama has had state officials mention the Governor using the notebook and other elected officials drinking coffee from the branded mugs. They even had the opportunity to visit one of their member manufacturing facilities with an elected official and he was wearing his branded MA mask.

Herff Jones Yearbook

Herff Jones wanted to create attractive giveaways for all those involved in yearbook creation and editing at the Journalism Education Association conference.

Fad items are most popular with school age children and often have the quickest effect on gaining their attention. With this in mind LogoBranders and Herff Jones Yearbooks decided on creating “Flair” pins and silly brandz that were customized to fit within the yearbook industry. Flair pins were decorated with sayings such as “I’m a Yerd” and silly bandz were customer shaped into their logo, a camera, the word “yerd”, and the shape of a yearbook. Both the flair pins and silly bandz were distributed at the conference to attract attendees to the Herff Jones Yearbook Booth.

Aqua Condominium Resort

This client was wanting to boost and sustain owner excitement and commitment during the two-year construction phase of this beachfront resort condominium project.

During the construction of the Aqua Condominium Resort, extreme hurricane activity in the area threatened to discourage owners who had signed pre-construction contracts. To keep enthusiasm high among potential owners, developers employed an ongoing promotional product campaign to build brand awareness and loyalty. A collection of premium gifts was selected and branded with the Aqua logo. Throughout the two years of construction, owners regularly received luxury beach towels, tote bags, cheese sets, chef’s aprons, bath robes and other items, all designed to paint a picture of what the relaxing, carefree lifestyle would be like, once the condominiums were complete. The final touch was an acrylic Aqua logoed wine bucket and a bottle of wine welcoming owners to their new condominium.

Upon completion of the property, every pre-construction contract converted to a closed unit. Furthermore, due to heightened brand awareness and buzz, the 212 unit condominium tower can boast 100-percent closed status.

Auburn University Library

In 2020, the university library was looking for something to hand out to students who came to study during finals season. With the added stress of COVID, they wanted to do something different and memorable.

Students were given these stress relievers shaped like their school mascot, Aubie the tiger. They were a hit, students even used them as laptop camera covers as the legs fit over the camera perfectly when the tiger was sitting on top!

The library originally planned to pick a new item every year but decided this was a must-have for finals season from now on.

Good Gossip

LogoBranders is certainly a fitting company name, as they have been essential to our college in identifying, recommending and securing just the right specialty items for our various audiences. We're fortunate to have them as part of our extended marketing team!

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The West Point Association of Graduates Gift Shop was recently introduced to LogoBranders and we have been extremely happy with the quality of products and services we have received. The staff is always professional, helpful and cheerful. Our expectations have not only been met, but exceeded.

I am getting fantastic compliments on our SWAG box from the meeting recipients. Thanks so much for all your help in getting the order completed in time and sent out to arrive before our meeting! I continue to be so happy with the customer service and response of the LogoBranders team. I have and will continue to recommend LogoBranders to anyone in need of marketing items, I am very pleased with every aspect of your company. Thank you.

The Savings Division raved about how their folders turned out and presented them at their National Treasurer's Conference in 2021. More importantly, nearly 60,000 first-grade public school students in the state of Alabama were excited to receive their folders at the beginning of the school year!

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Y'all, the product is good, but the customer service is even better. We ordered koozies and the proof that the vendor they use sent us a low res image that resulted in them being misprinted. Long story short, they weren't being cooperative. My Branding Specialist, didn't miss a beat and went above and beyond to get this corrected for us. She makes EVERY project so easy, and is so insanely helpful I could cry. I wouldn't go anywhere else, just because of her.

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LogoBranders has been a vital partner to FCCS for many years. As the promotional products partner for all of our conferences, we rely heavily on LogoBranders for ideas, inspiration, and -- of course -- execution. Our account manager is exceptional. She is incredibly responsive, friendly, and resourceful. Their on-site warehouse and kitting capabilities have enabled us to create some truly memorable promotions. For example, during Covid, LogoBranders was able to work with our charity partner, the Women's Bean Project, to source chili kits. They packaged each one with a branded wooden spoon to create an at-home chili cookoff kit for our employees. It symbolized the annual in-person event we were missing due to the lockdown. Such a great, sincere, heartfelt gift.
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